That is what you should do to save on marketing if you also want to increase your sales:

Use email marketing
to generate more
sales opportunities.

Do you think it is easy or cheap to drive traffic to your website?
And get sales?

It is not.

That's why you should make the most of this traffic,
get the email address from these potential customers
and send them effective sales emails (using
Mailrelay's pre-written sales templates, for example)

With the free Mailrelay account, you have everything you'll need
for your email marketing campaigns. You can send up to
75,000 free emails per month and manage up to 15,000 contacts.

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Why should you pay to send a newsletter, when at Mailrelay you can do it for free? Do you think it's reasonable?

PS: If you're already using email marketing and you're not selling, it's probably because your emails end in the SPAM folder; in this case, at Mailrelay, you would have technical support (even for free accounts)

PS2: Mailrelay doesn't include advertising in the emails you send